The Fort McMurray Christian Assembly

Sunday School

The most prominent activity at the Fort McMurray Christian Assembly is the children’s outreach Sunday School.  The Sunday School is open to the community and welcomes children of all ages from three years old to teenagers and from all backgrounds.

Our recognizable white vans have been travelling the city for years picking up children who do not have a ride so that they may attend.  The classes are divided into age groups and taught Bible lessons with activities appropriate for each age group.  A snack is provided for all children and again, no collection is ever taken.

New attendees are welcomed during the singing portion of the Sunday School each week and presented with a small treat bag containing a pocket New Testament.  When a child returns for five visits they receive their own Bible as a reward for their attendance.

Over the course of the year, children earn points called ‘shekels’ for attendance, brining their Bibles, memorizing verses and bringing new friends.  These shekels are redeemed in June at our annual Shekel Shop.  Bibles and other books as well as games, toys and challenging projects are available to the children for their efforts.

While the year runs from September through June, new children are welcome at any time.  Parents are definitely welcome and encouraged to attend.


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